Nevaeh Spillman, Breaking Barriers on the Football Field!

Nevaeh Spillman

You Have To Take Charge!

As a middle school student, Nevaeh Spillman is getting much attention for her leadership and her gridiron skills. The players from the opposing middle school teams are shocked with they see the quarterback remove her helmet and see she’s a girl! Her teammates say she has a great arm, but it’s her leadership skills they respect the most.

She’s played football since she was 4 years old. Now 13, Neveah is a leader and the only girl on the field at the Maple Park Middle School in North Kansas City, Missouri. Neveah says she must take charge because she runs the offense. Her teammates look to her for leadership. She can take charge and tell players what to work on. They know she pushes herself as much as she pushes them to succeed.  And that earns her the respect of the team.

A Role Model
Nevaeh also takes charge of her own life. Even with the demands of being a starter in a tough sport, she maintains a 3.5 GPA.

Nevaeh Spillman would like to be a role model for other young girls. Her advice is to work hard and to believe in yourself. Nevaeh would also want girls to know that while breaking barriers gets a lot of notoriety, becoming a strong leader on and off the field is what really matters.