Rapelang Rabana, Cape Town’s Internationally Acclaimed Telecommuications Entrepreneur

 Are you a budding entrepreneur?

Rapelang Rabana’s story could be your story if you look inside for success— not outside. 

Seven years after graduating with honors from the University of Cape Town with a bachelor’s degree in Business Science, Rapelang Rabana achieved global recognition as a successful entrepreneur. In 2012, Rapelang Rabana was on Oprah Magazine’s O Power List. In 2013, she was listed on Forbes’s 30 under 30 list for best entrepreneurs of Africa. In 2014, Rapelang was named one of the Entrepreneurs of the World by the World Entrepreneurship Forum.  In 2017, she was named Chief Digital Officer of BCX,

Africa’s premier solutions partner providing advanced communications technology to companies of all sizes.

How did she find success at such a young age?  Rabana admits that she didn’t have a life plan as a teen.  All she knew is what path she didn’t want to take.  “All I knew was that I needed to find a way out of what I perceived to be a life system that imposed rules and obligations I didn’t understand the purpose of,” she explained. “The idea of working my way through more and more systems, from high school to university to the corporate world, weighed on me. But I had no idea this would mean that I would want to be an entrepreneur.”**

Her parents encouraged her to pursue a strong educational background.  Following their advice, in 2005, Ms Rabana graduated with honors from the University of Cape Town with a bachelor’s degree in Business Science with a specialty in Computer Science. Right after she graduated from university, Rabana and two other graduate students, Lungisa Matshoba and Andrew Snowden, co-founded Yeigo. Based on Cape Town, Yeigo’s mission was to develop technological systems to improve communication that are contextually relevant.   Yeigo developed one of the earliest mobile voice over protocol (VoIP) applications, instant messaging and other technological advances to enable people to communicate to each other in faster and more efficient ways.

When asked what excites her most about being an entrepreneur, Ms Rabana says, “It’s the extraordinary privilege of seeing something you have worked on manifest into reality, after all, it started with just a thought! It always makes me smile, that all we had in the beginning was a thought – how incredibly powerful human thought, the imagination and discipline can be, when backed by persistence.”***

An example of manifesting a powerful thought into a reality is Rapelang Rabana’s most recent innovation: ReKindle Learning.  She founded this company to apply mobile technologies to assist schools in educating young people as well as vocational and corporate team development.

Are you a budding entrepreneur?  Rapelang Rabana’s advice for you:

“The journey of entrepreneurship is really an inward one, wherein connecting to my authentic drive and motivations naturally leads me to the right solutions. I have been led to plumb the depths of my personality to reach places of clarity. In a nutshell, don’t look outside – look inside!”****

For more information about Rapelang Rabana see https://blackpast.org/






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