MINDSET: What You Think Matters

HBTransformation At Any Age

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.
Romans 12:2 NIV

My story is about MINDSET. I wish I knew how powerful my thoughts were back in my younger days. But better late than never, right?  Here’s an example of how my thinking held me back. Way back when I was in college, I’d look at my professors with admiration. This was what I wanted to be. But my mind said no you cannot even consider this as an aspiration.  And my mind was right. I did not even consider the possibility.  Thirty years later, armed with a Master’s Degree and a Doctorate Degree, I began a new career as a university professor. What changed? I changed my thoughts. I saw role models whom I could emulate.  I began to think I could and I began to believe it. In her book, Switch on Your Brain, Dr. Caroline Leaf says that our thoughts are so powerful they can impact the next four generations. Think of that!!

But that’s not the end of my story. While in my pursuit of higher degrees, a professor asked us to do this simple activity. She asked us to complete this sentence on a postcard.  “In ten years I will be a ______”.  So I filled in the blank with the title of a position. I thought would be teaching for the stars but I wrote it anyway.  We were asked to write our address on the appropriate place. She planned to mail them to us in 2 years.

Two years later the postcard arrived. I smiled and placed it in my desk drawer. A few years later while cleaning out my desk drawer, I found the postcard.  It said,  “In ten years I will be a ‘Director’.”  And that was exactly my new position at the university: I was the Director of Field Experiences.

Dr. Leaf has conducted pioneering research in the area of neuroplasticity. This exciting new field of science concludes says we can change our brains at any age. How? By thinking and creating a new mindset.

Dr. Gloria Hill

Leaf, Caroline. 2013. Switch on Your Brain. Baker Books, Grand Rapids, MI

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